Decorative Panel Range

Decorative Screens

Decorative metal screens can add a touch of distinctiveness, originality, and class along with increasing the privacy and even security of your home. Whether it is for commercial buildings or interior architectural designs, for a professional landscape or just upgrading your home, decorative screens are becoming a popular method to bring your creativity – and your space – to life!

Our decorative metal panels are extremely resilient, tough and long-lasting. Whether you’re interested in one of our designs, or need customised metal screens,  designed and precisely laser cut according to your specifications, our experienced team can assist you.

All of our panels are available in corten with a natural rustic finish or cut from aluminium and powder-coated to match any colour scheme. You could consider painting the area you are sitting the panel on or even add LED lighting for that extra wow factor!

Single Panels

Our range of individual panels are fantastic for changing up your space! Available in a range of patterns, or as picture panels featuring anything from flora and fawner, scenery and more. You can pair the panels with greenery to create an amazing vertical garden, or match your design with your existing furniture for a complete look!

We offer rectangular, square, circular panels and even a few unique shapes, in a range of designs and sizes. Our online store is still reasonably new, and more products are being added on a regular basis.

Panel Sets

Needing to cover a larger space?

We offer a variety of panel sets, with standard sets ranging from 2-5 panels, and potential to expand to create even larger custom sets to suit your needs. Our sets offer a great way to create a larger picture or scene, with many customisation options available. These larger metal centrepieces offer a creative redesign to a disguise a wall, shed or unsightly garden feature. They can also be a fantastic way to build a unique fence line for your property.

Outdoor Panels

Our panels can be utilised for a range of outdoor uses, including;

Fence panels – by combining a few individual screens, using one of our panel sets, or even custom designing your own panels

Fence toppers – to extend the height of your existing fence line in a unique way!

Outdoor decorating – A spectacular way to spruce up your garden, or cover an unsightly wall!

Privacy Screening – great for sectioning your garden, providing privacy from the neighbours or busy streets, they can even be used to fill in a pergola!

All panels come with fixing holes along the border as standard, with folded panels including holes along the side folds, and options to put hanging slots along the top, ensuring an easy set up for your new panels.

Indoor Panels

Our panels can suit a range of indoor uses too, including;

Interior decorating – A spectacular way to take your ordinary walls and make them extraordinary!

Screening – a creative way to section areas of your home or office space!
Our panels are available in a multitude of colours, a smooth powder-coated finish to suit any style!

Custom smaller features – we have a growing range of smaller panels perfect for inside use!

**Please consider the weight of the panels before hanging on your wall. **

Custom Panels

In addition to our broad range of panels with the options for customising colours, material and sizes, our friendly team can work with you to create a completely custom look for any purpose. Whether you like one of our panels and need it in a custom size to suit your space, or what to add some written personalisation to one of our designs – like adding an address to a fence, or a short message to a panel – our friendly team are happy to discuss your options to customise our panels to suit you. Want something completely original? Maybe you have a design in mind that you’d like to bring to life? Give our team a call today! We are happy to work with you to create a design and turn your inspiration into a beautiful panel.


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