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More Products

With over 60 years of experience, Associated Metalworks is an established name as a manufacturer and supplier of fabricated and coated products in Australia.

Our team works with precision while delivering accurate solutions through steel and sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting. We take pride in successfully transforming steel into many creative products over the years and are always keen on manufacturing your creative ideas into remarkable fabricated designs.

During our 60 years in operation, we have worked with chemists, warehouses, and more, we have come to specialise in creating custom prototypes to suit any business ideas. With our range experience, our teams competent advice and capabilities Associated Metalworks is a clear choice to help meet your business needs.

At Associated Metalworks, we aim to meet any needs our customers may have, through our vast range of services, products, and customisation options. Our range of signs is no exception. Where you need a real estate sign holder, a decorative sign or message for your home or workplace, or a looking for an original way to remember and pay respects to a past loved one, we are here to help.

Prototypes and Customisation

At Associated Metalworks we specialise in perfectly manufacturing a broad range of metal prototypes to help you set up your business.  Whether you have a creative idea for a new product to sell, or are looking for an innovative solution to make your business run smoothly, our broad range of experience and metal manufacturing expertise means we are here to help you! Our products can also be customised to suit your size requirements, and powder-coated to match your style.

Whether you are looking to customise one of our existing products to better suit your needs, or have a brand new idea you need help creating, our team is here for you! Contact us today!


Custom Signs

We offer a range of customisable signs, with your choice of name,  a phrase. These completely customisable signs can be used as a unique door marked or wall decoration, or a creative gift for your loved ones! Available in a range of colours, with options for handing flat, mounting out from a wall, or even as a freestanding sign the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

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Real Estate Sign Holders

Our Real Estate Sign Holders are ideal for anyone who needs to highlight a business, club or event. Simply push the Sign holder into the ground to hold it upright and insert your own Corflute sign into the channels from above.

The Sign holder has been designed to take standard 6mm Corflute inserts, and can be powder-coated in a variety of colours to match your individual requirements.

We understand real estate agents are often on the road, and having your signs sliding and banging around is nothing short of annoying, which is why we have designed a custom sign holder to comfortably hold our signs in place while you drive.

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Real Estate Sign Holders
Sanitiser station 5

Sanitiser Stands

With restrictions starting to ease across Australia, Businesses are looking for ways to minimise the risks to their employees and customers alike. That’s why we have designed this hand sanitising station! The perfect addition to any workplace entrance, or even for use at home as people begin opening their homes to guests again! With customisation options available, and the ability to fit any A4 size poster, our holder can be personalised to suit your needs!

Shop now, or contact our team today, and Stay Safe!

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Give our friendly team a call on  03 9797 3000
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Hot Dog Holders

Do you run a cafeteria or food stall? Is your fundraiser running a BBQ? Or maybe you have a big family BBQ coming up?

Our Hot Dog Holder is a great way to hold your food! With the triangular design, the hot dog holder comfortably holds your hot dogs together, keeping your hands free to make more! No more laying food sideways and watching with dismay as your hot dog, or sausage in bread unrolls itself and makes a mess of your work station! Check them out today!


In Memoriam

When you are looking for something special and unique to pass onto to a family member, friend, or acquaintance during their time of need, look no further than Metalworks. Our customisable memoriam signs are a touchingly original way to pay your respects. You can add a custom name and message, choose the picture to go with it, and change the colour to suit your needs. Create a unique piece that truly represents your loved one to remember them by. Shop now, or contact our team today.

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