Fire Pits Melbourne

Custom Outdoor Fire Pits Made in Melbourne to Fit Your Style and Budget

Associated Metalworks designs and produces a range of fire pits in Melbourne, providing superior quality through our laser cutting services in Melbourne. 

Nothing compares to a warm fire outdoors, especially in the winter. Fire pits in Melbourne can often be utilised year-round thanks to our unusual weather patterns. In addition to being a wonderful heat source, fire pits also serve to bring people together. For both cultural and social purposes, people love to gather and chat around an open fire, sharing stories and bonding.

While listings offer a particular size, the fire pits can be customised to suit your size requirements, so you can find an ideal fit for your space. Associated metalworks currently offers square and hexagon firepits, which can be customised with your preferred design to create a unique piece for your outdoor space. With a broad range of customisation available to meet your exact needs, all you need to do for your next gathering is fill it with wood.

Perks Of Firepits in Melbourne

  1. Encourage conversation: Fire pits are the ideal patio or backyard focal point since they encourage social gatherings and bonding.
  2. Ambience and warmth: A fire pit offers a cosy atmosphere and visual warmth to your outdoor space. It also sets the scene for social gatherings or more private occasions.
  3. Attractive light: Fire pits produce ambient light and can alter the appearance of your outdoor living and leisure spaces.
  4. Versatility: If you choose a flat pack or collapsible fire pit you can pack it up to bring on holidays or move with you when you if you move homes.
  5. Multi-seasonal enjoyment: a fire pit is great for gathering friends and family together even when the weather becomes chilly.
  6. Relax and unwind: It has been shown that the presence of fire has a calming, social, and even relaxing influence on people.
  7. Increase the value of your property: A well-built fire pit may increase the value of your home. One of the top outside residential amenities that attract purchasers and is likely to increase a home’s resale value is a fire feature.

How do you start a fire pit?

Before you light your fire, ensure the surrounding area is free from fire hazards. A fire pit can be lit in several different ways, depending on available resources and preferences. We advise using old, dried wood since it will produce less smoke and irritation when the fire is lit, though specialised fire starters can also be purchased as a good option. Once the fire is going, add more wood gradually as needed. Ensure the fire pit is well-ventilated to reduce spoke hazards.

How can a fire pit be put out?

For gradual extinction, which is recommended, the fire can be left to burn down completely, without adding new wood. Make sure the area remains supervised until all embers are completely extinguished. If you are needing to put the fire out more urgently, so long as you have only used wood, you can use water to quickly dampen the fire. Sand can also be used for this purpose, so long as the fire has burnt down a bit.

Note that cleaning your fire pit on a regular basis can help it last longer, and guarantee future fires burn efficiently.

Why Choose Associated Metalworks?

We’re one of Australia’s oldest manufacturing companies with over 60 years of experience in the metal production sector, and we’re excited to provide our clients with a range of services. Your next project is in skilled hands, from high-quality laser cutting to metal bending, welding, design support, and metal fabrication in Dandenong. We provide a variety of customisable goods and services to assist you in making your ideas a reality!

We can guarantee that our high-quality fire pits in Melbourne will last you for many years.

Contact us if you have any more questions about fire pits, laser cutting, decorative screens, powder coating, fixtures and fittings, or anything else. You may reach us on 03 9797 3000 or send an email at


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