About Us

metal manufactureAssociated Metalworks is a privately owned, Australian business whose competencies are reflected in the supply of Fixtures and Fittings, Garden Art, Street Furniture, Privacy Screens, Custom Signage, Trolleys, Roof racks, Agricultural products, laser cutting and Automotive related accessories.

Situated in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, the business first started production over 60 years ago.

What’s the Associated Metalworks difference?
As well as being one of the longest-standing manufacturing operations in Australia, we are also one of the largest. What distinguishes Associated Metalworks from the plethora of other businesses in Australia’s highly impregnated manufacturing industry is our scale, capability and experience.

Our ability to perform is predicated on our strong foundations with tried and tested solid manufacturing capabilities and supplier partnerships ensuring shortened lead times.

Our team of people have come from diversified backgrounds and have developed intelligent and contemporary fixture designs over many years. Our design department combines creativity with concept. We anlayse international market trends, and bring modern production manufacturing techniques to the table. Using leading 3D design software, ideas convert from concept to prototype to production.

Associated Metalworks capabilities span across two purpose built facilities covering over 4180 sq metres and utilise precision production equipment to ensure quality manufactured items.