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Laser Cutting in Melbourne

Laser cutting is a versatile and efficient method for cutting patterns and designs into a range of metals. It offers superior speed, precision and quality of cut compared with other forms of cutting.

The process is extremely flexible and quick and easy to set up. This makes it perfect for producing bulk or custom designs. Create one-off prototypes or medium-size production runs efficiently and economically.

Laser Cutting offers a range of benefits over various other metal cutting methods.

  • High-quality cutting – produces clean, burr-free edges that generally require no finishing
  • High accuracy and repeatability – Computer-controlled cutting and an extremely focused cutting beam means high accuracy and repeatability
  • Non-contact cutting process – Cuts metal without damaging the molecular structure, thereby retaining maximum strength. It also means there is no wear to the cutting beam, which improves cutting precision
  • Small heat-affected zone – Lessens the chance of damaging the material being cut
  • Quick setup and program time – Suitable for one-off or small production batches
  • Minimal waste – the extreme precision of the beam means kerf widths as small as 0.10 are possible. This minimises material waste and maximises cutting efficiency

Find Out What MetalWorks Can Do for You

Whatever your requirements, MetalWorks can help. We have provided customised metal laser cutting services in Melbourne to a range of specialised clients including manufacturers, engineers, landscapers, tradespeople and artists.

Give us a call today on (03) 9797 3000 or contact us online to discuss your project requirements.

We Manufacture and Fabricate Products

Laser Cutting Melbourne

Having a fully developed production plant and equipment, our team ensures that you meet all your product manufacturing and distribution requirements. Our manufacturing process includes:

  • Design
  • Software
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) System

We even deal with custom fabricating a range of materials to create a stunning end-result. If you have an innovative idea and want to apply it to your property or commercial use, our high-end fabrication work can be of great help. Our custom fabrication is comprehensive and involves every service. Hence, you can be sure of getting accurate yet stunning and reasonable fabrication solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality – We use highest quality components and ensure that the materials are critically reviewed at every step of manufacturing and design.
  • Service – It is our aim to manufacture and provide prompt service.We always complete our projects on time.
  • Budget – We understand that you need to work within a set budget and we make sure to deliver a competitive service in a way that doesn’t hurt your budget.
  • Results – The end result is what matters and we ensure to not only fulfil but surpass your expectations by delivering nothing but the best.

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