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Our Service of Laser Cutting in Melbourne

Cutting the materials into intricate designs is an art and you require tools, skills and precision for that. Our team of Associated Metalworks offers top quality laser cutting service that lets you create wonderful designs to suit your respective requirements. We provide you with the superior and high standard services for both, personal and commercial use and welcome all types of small and bulk orders.

Our expert team has a systematic approach to the process. Using computer software (CAD), we develop a range of styles to achieve a creative and elegant design. Our strong passion for creating appealing products is making us deliver splendid results which are seen in the overall performance and durability of the product.

We never compromise on quality and take pride in our team who is qualified and trained to perform the best work. Our team understands your requirements and will provide you with the unique, reasonable and accurate solution through laser cutting in Melbourne.

Our Process

Our skilled team at Metalworks fabricates your idea and turns them into reality through our accurate service.

Our process involves:

  • Idea Creation

This can work both ways: if you have a creative idea for your product, we can check its feasibility and materialise it accordingly. Similarly, if you have no idea or criteria for the product design, we can work it out for you in the best way possible.

  • Design and Execution

Once the design gets approved, our customised service will further cut the materials into intricate designs. Equipped with the latest tools and skills, we deliver cuts with precision to deliver accurate designs as per your request.

  • Final Delivery

As we measure and prepare right, we only have to cut once. Our laser work leaves less clutter, contributing to the environment by reducing waste. We aim to set the real expectation that lets us deliver you the project on time.

We Manufacture and Fabricate Products

Laser Cutting Melbourne

Having a fully developed production plant and equipment, our team ensures that you meet all your product manufacturing and distribution requirements. Our manufacturing process includes:

  • Design
  • Software
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) System

We even deal with custom fabricating a range of materials to create a stunning end-result. If you have an innovative idea and want to apply it to your property or commercial use, our high-end fabrication work can be of great help. Our custom fabrication is comprehensive and involves every service like welding and laser cutting. Hence, you can be sure of getting accurate yet stunning and reasonable fabrication solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality – We use highest quality components and ensure that the materials are critically reviewed at every step of manufacturing and design.
  • Service – It is our aim to manufacture and provide prompt service.We always complete our projects on time.
  • Budget – We understand that you need to work within a set budget and we make sure to deliver a competitive service in a way that doesn’t hurt your budget.
  • Results – The end result is what matters and we ensure to not only fulfil but surpass your expectations by delivering nothing but the best.

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