one of the largest & longest-standing laser cutting manufacturing operations in Australia


Metalworks is a privately owned, Australian business whose competencies are reflected in the supply of Fixtures and Fittings, Metal Wall Art, Garden Art, Street Furniture, Privacy Screens, Custom Signage, Trolleys, Roof racks, Agricultural products and Automotive related accessories.Situated in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, the business first started production over 60 years ago.

Being one of the longest-standing manufacturing operations in Australia, we are also one of the largest.  What distinguishes Associated Metalworks from the plethora of other businesses in Australia’s highly impregnated manufacturing industry is our scale, capability and experience…

Laser Cutting in Melbourne for Metal Wall Art

Would you like to use latest and innovative technology for the purposes of cutting materials accurately? Associated Metalwork’s provides top quality laser cutting in Melbourne area. Laser cutting can be done on a variety of materials to create wonderful designs which suit individual client requirements. Whether you require laser cutting for metal wall art, personal or commercial use, we can provide you with the best laser cutting services. We can take care of any small or bulk orders in a timely manner.
Our laser cutting methods are superior and of a high standard. Laser cutting makes the process of material cutting faster and gives splendid results. As work is completed in less amount of time more work can be done and there is an increase in overall productivity. Using ultra-modern methods of laser cutting gives very good results and the possibilities are limitless. Laser technology is able to produce complex designs at a very fast rate enabling the production of intricate designs as well for metal wall art. Laser work leaves less clutter and is good for the environment.

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We have a range of stylesand solutions which can be designedusing computer software (CAD) in order to achieve a precious and elegant design. A perfect finished product can not only have an effect on the overall performance but also, on the durability of the product as well. Functionality along with a perfect finish is our goal. With a strong passion for creating strong and aesthetically appealing items, our work is unrivalled.
Our services are of an outstanding quality and we take pride in our work. With a vast experience in the field, our experts and technicians are qualified and trained to carry out the best laser cutting work. Laser cutting can be done as per your specific requirements depending on how you would like the material to be designed. Providing prompt services we always complete our work in time. We follow good work ethics and work with professionalism never compromising on quality. For more information on our services please feel free to contact us at our Melbourne office today!


Associated Metalworks manufacturing can supply completely fabricated and coated products. Utilising our extensive range of high-tech production plant and equipment, we provide a metal manufacturing service that will ensure we meet all your product manufacturing and distribution requirements with the highest quality components. Throughout the manufacturing process, we will always ensure your components are competitively produced by critically reviewing the suitability of the manufacturing methods used for your components. In consultation with you, your product can also be reviewed by our development team, with the ultimate goal of keeping your product competitive. Our manufacturing services include…

Due to the unprecedented range of products that our business has produced over our long history we have decided to promote our continually expanding range at metalgates. We have also expanded our channels into ebay and onto facebook.  Facebook will provide our followers with updated news at it happens. Click on the links below to learn more.

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We have also expanded our channels into ebay and onto facebook.