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About Metalworks

Associated Metalworks is a privately owned, Australian business that aims to offer a complete range of metal manufacturing services, to support the needs of our varied consumer base. In addition to our range of services, our competencies are reflected in the supply of Fixtures and Fittings, Garden Art, Street Furniture, Privacy Screens, Custom Signage, Trolleys, Agricultural products, and Automotive related accessories, and more!

Situated in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, the business first started production over 60 years ago, making us one of the longest-standing manufacturing operations in Australia.

Superior Quality!

Having been in business for over 60 years, we are confident in our tried and tested procedures, enabling us to deliver the superior quality you expect and deserve.

Proudly Australian!

Associated Metalworks is a proudly Australian owned company, we do all our manufacturing in Australia and only purchase from Australian suppliers.

Complete Service!

Through our range of metal capabilities offered in house and our close powder-coating partnerships, we can offer a complete service for all your metal manufacturing needs.

Our Services

We aim to offer a complete range of services to meet any metal manufacturing needs.

Our Products

We Offer a Broad Range of Metal Products, and Can Even Help You Design a Custom Product to Suit Your Needs.

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Give our friendly team a call on  03 9797 3000
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Laser Cutting Melbourne

High-quality cutting

Produces clean, burr-free edges that generally require no finishing

High accuracy

Computer-controlled cutting and an extremely focused cutting beam means you get a highly accurate cut every time

Superior metal protection

Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting process, which means it cuts metal without damaging the molecular structure, thereby retaining maximum strength.

Small heat-affected zone

By using a small, precise laser, the chance of damaging or warping the material being cut it kept to a minimum.


Due to the quick setup and program time laser cutting is suitable for one-off or small production batches, as well as larger production runs.

Minimal waste

The extreme precision of the beam means kerf widths as small as 0.10 are possible. This minimises losses, reducing waste generation & more efficient material consumption.

Laser Cutting Services In Melbourne

Metal laser cutting is a versatile and efficient method for cutting patterns and designs into a range of metals. It offers superior speed, precision, and quality of cut compared with other forms of cutting. The process is extremely flexible making it perfectly versatile, from creating one-off prototypes to large-size production runs efficiently and economically.

Material waste and maximises cutting efficiency

Which helps keep down costs and protect the environment.

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