Panel Sets

Decorative Panel Sets

Are you looking to fill a larger space? Check out our range of panel sets!
We offer panel sets starting from as little as 2 panels, with potential to expand to create even larger custom sets to suit your needs. Our sets offer a great way to create a larger picture or scene, with many customisation options available. These larger metal centrepieces offer a creative redesign to a disguise a wall, shed or unsightly garden feature. They can also be a fantastic way to build a unique fence line for your property.

Our panels can be made with a natural rustic finish or powder-coated in a broad range of colours to suit your personal style. Panels can be made flat to sit flush with your walls, or folded to add dimension to your creation. Looking to turn the panel into a star in your garden? Try adding LED lighting behind the panel design to help your panels captivate your guests even at night!

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