Laser Cutting

Take Your Laser Cutting Project To the Next Level

Associated Metalworks offers you the most reliable and advanced laser cutting services in Melbourne. Our services offer you an accurate and affordable way to cut almost any metal in the desired shape. With the use of the most advanced technology and machines, we strive to exceed your expectations irrespective of the type of service you desire.

Laser cutting is one of the most accurate, versatile and efficient methods of cutting metals in the desired shapes, sizes and dimensions. In this process, metals are subjected to high temperatures. Therefore, you can cut almost any metal with a laser without the fear of damaging the molecular structure.

Advantages of Using Our Services

We are renowned for our technology that provides efficient and high-quality service. Our experts will help you through the entire process and assist you with choosing the designs from a wide range. We strive to be your best business partner in providing you with quality services. Let us look at some of the advantages.

  • Can cut almost any material to the desired thickness
  • Accurate and easily repeatable
  • Reliable and fast
  • Endless customisation
  • No tooling material required
  • Better metal sheet utilisation and material savings
  • Efficient processing because you can cut multiple metals during the same program
  • No clean-up process required for most metals

Start a Project with Us!

From the initial ideas to the final manufacturing, we will assist you with the entire designing, strategy and material choice process. For 60 years, we have served a number of industries including construction, food, engineering, HVAC, etc. We can assure you that our products are affordable and efficient. Our technical team offers you the required confidence and expertise to help you choose the best according to your requirements.

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