Laser Cutting

Take Your Laser Cutting Project To the Next Level

Laser Cutting is the most efficient and versatile way to cut, shape and fabricate metal. It allows you to cut complex patterns and custom designs into a range of metals with speed, precision and unparalleled quality of cut.

With laser cutting, you have the flexibility to create delicate one-off pieces and prototypes or create larger production runs, without significant machine downtime.

We offer custom laser cutting services to clients across a range of fields from hobbyists and artists, to engineers, architects, landscapers and manufacturers.

How the process works

Laser cutting involves using a high-powered laser to cut through metal and other materials. The laser is directed by 3D modelling software which drives a computer motion control system.

The cutting beam is a high-powered CO₂ laser beam which is directed through a series of mirrors to a lens that focuses the beam onto the work zone. The beam hits the material being cut and either vaporises it or melts and ejects it using a high-pressure gas jet.

The Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting offers many benefits over other forms of metal cutting like mechanical cutting methods or plasma cutting.


The focused cutting beam is generally less than 0.35mm in diameter delivering possible kerf widths as small as 0.1mm. Because the system is computer motion controlled, it eliminates human error from the cutting process, allowing for repeatability precision in the range of 0.05mm.

High-quality cutting

Laser cutting results in extremely smooth, burr-free edges that require little to no finishing. While the quality of the cut will depend on the type and thickness of the metal, laser cutting delivers a far superior cut quality compared with other cutting methods. Since the work is done using a laser cutting tool, there is no work edge to wear down during the cutting process. This also helps to deliver the most precise cut. The cutting beam has a very small heat-affected zone, which means the material being cut isn’t damaged, warped or blemished.


Laser cutting is quick to program and reset, making it great for one-off pieces or prototypes. Because the process is fast and efficient, it is also appropriate for medium-size production runs. Since laser cutting is fast and extremely precise, it is great for creating delicate or complex shapes and patterns or fabricating large manufacturing components.

Laser cutting works on a wide range of metals include stainless steel, aluminium, specialist steels, brass, lead, titanium, copper and more.

Minimal waste

The accuracy and precision of the cutting process mean that material waste is minimal.

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