Trolleys ,Pallet Jacks & Skates

Metalworks Trolleys are ideally suited to aid in moving stock, equipment or furniture.Shown here are our Trolleys which are versatile and able to be used for a variety of purposes.

1200mm Stair Climber (c/w strap)
•250Kg Capacity
•Wheel type is rebound rubber
•Reinforced axle
•Trolley Size: 1200mm x 400mm
•Toe plate size: 420 x 270
•Code: AMSCR114S

Folding Plastic Platform
•SWL 300Kg
•125mm wheels
•Platform Size 920mm(L) x 610mm(W)
•Shipped as kit in a Flat pack cardboard carton
•Code: AMFPR001FPK

1500mm Stair Climber (c/w strap)
•The BIG brother to the AMSCR114S
•250Kg Capacity
•Wheel type is rebound rubber
•Reinforced axle
•Trolley Size: 1500mm x 410mm
•Toe plate size: 420 x 270
•Code: AMSCR115S

Standard Pallet Jack
•SWL 2500Kg
•Max fork height: 190mm
•Min fork height: 85mm
•Fork length: 1150mm
•Overall fork width: 680mm
•Code: AMPJR001

Skate Dolley/s
•19mm thick marine grade timber deck
•Grooved rubber upper
•4 non-marking swivel castors
•Rounded edges for wall and skirting protection fitted with a rubber bead all round
•Supplied in Flat pack, shipped in cardboard cartons.

•SWL 320Kg
•Size: 450mm x 300mm
•75mm Castor
•Code: AMSKR005FPK

•SWL 400Kg
•Size: 600mm x 450mm
•100mm Castor
•Code: AMSKR006FPK

•SWL 400Kg
•Size: 700mm x 500mm
•100mm Castor
•Code: AMSKR007FPK

•SWL 500Kg
•Size: 900mm x 600mm
•125mm Castor
•Code: AMSKR008FPK