Community Dsigns

Metalworks has developed a model whereby a Community entity such as a School or Sporting Club can make much needed funds…ask us how!
These signs are Custom made and can include individual names laser cut when ordered.

There are also options to include a Club logo on these signs further customising them for things like Trophies and Club awards.

The school, club or entity sells an item which are more than competitively priced, they then retain a percentage from the sale as a fundraiser, alternatively Metalworks can make a donation back to school, club or entity.

Select from house signs, names and home and office signage.

To download the latest information, click the link below

Community Fundraising

Custom Dsigns

Metalworks has designed and laser cut these for a specific purpose, house signs, letter boxes etcWe also have designs that are great for end of year or end of season presents/awards.  If you are looking for something different then this may be for you!To download the latest information click the link below


Home & Office

DsignsMetalworks have introduced a range of Home and Office signage.The range includes wall hanging, self standing and 3 dimensional wall mounted signs.Also available is the inspirational word range. To download the latest information, click the link below


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