Decorative Metal Screen

Decorative Screens

Are you searching for beautiful and well formed decorative screens? Associated Metalworks offers a large range of Decorative screens for use at residential or commercial properties.We specialise in Custom Decorative screens and are more than happy to help you design and create your latest ideas to make your home or work place different and unique. With the help of advanced machinery, we are able to create modern screens with a wide range of functions. Aesthetics are combined with style to provide the customers with very intricate pieces of art. Our decorative screens are available in different patterns in flat or formed styles. The decorative screens will improve the visual appeal of a property drastically and make it look unique and intriguing.

Our screens are good for not only decorating a property but also for many other purposes. The screens can be used to divide a space into different sections with each section having its own private space. The residents can use their own private spaces to carry out everyday activities or work. Decorative screens allow the air and light to enter a property maintaining levels of good ventilation in the space where they are placed. This makes the screens ideal to be placed at any place in the property on walls, partitions, ceilings, windows, doors and garden area.

Decorative Metal Panels

Decorative metal panels which are otherwise known as Decorative Screens and Corten Steel Panels, are extremely tough and resilient and will last for a very long time with no maintenance required. Our decorative metal panels are visually stunning and also function very well. Decorative screens can also be used for property Security.

Decorative Panel
leaf Decorative Panel
Decorative Panel
Decorative Panel

Flat& Formed Corten Panels

Custom panels are available and designed to fit any space !

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All deliveries are made on time and as per your requirements. We work with honesty and professionalism which makes all our work genuine and of top quality. We provide full customer satisfaction and are committed to providing top services to our clients. We encourage you to communicate with us for all of your decorative screen requirements, also known as Corten steel panels, Decorative metal panels or outdoor decorative screens.Get in touch today to speak with one our specialists.


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