Custom Roof Racks

Metalworks has manufactured several customised Roof Racks to suit Toyota’s, Mazda’s and Nissan’s over the years.

Each Roof Rack has been made to suit the buyers requirements, intended use and vehicle.

We have manufactured full length tradesman heavy duty racks using laser cutting in Melbourne to short ute cab racks and wire basket holders.

Each Roof Rack is designed with multiple tie down points, side height’s vary with intended use and requirements. Checkplate flooring can also be added as well as air dams or scoops for the front.

Load ratings are dependent on mounting types but have been up to 100kg.

Metalworks supports the Australian manufacturing industry and believes in using Australian products. Supporting Australia and Australian families.

Roof rack shown is 1800mm (L) x 1180mm (W) x 160mm (H)