Auto Parts (Bike)

bike standMetalworks selection of auto parts for Motorbikes and 4WD’s
• Bike stands;
– Standard
– Pneumatic type
• Suspension savers
• Rear wheel tie downs
• Motorbike trailers (customised)4Wheel Drives;
• Hi-lift jack brackets
• Rear wheel spacer rings
• Custom steel roof racks
• Battery boxes
Metalworks supports the Australian manufacturing industry and believes in using Australian products. Supporting Australia and Australian families.
These products are Australian made and manufactured.
Metalworks can also design and supply to your individual requirements, please contact us for more information.

Suspension Support

Suspension Support  Suspension Support Manufacture  Suspension Support Melbourne

Rear Wheel Tie Down

Rear Wheel Tie DownRear Wheel Tie Down  Rear Wheel Tie Down

Suspension Support/Tie down Combo

Tie down Combo

4WD Wheel Spacer Ring

4WD Wheel Spacer Ring

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