Metal Screen Flat

Decorative Screens

Metalworks provides a vast range of fence screens/panels for internal and external use;
• Pool screens, Privacy screens
• Fence art, Decorations
• Room dividers

All fence screens have holes along the edge for affixing to a fence or wall.

Our standard screens/panels are;
1800mm (h) x 900mm (w)

Can be supplied in Corten (rusty look) or a powdercoat finish and either in a flat panel (std) or with folded sides.

We can also provide screens in other sizes;

1800mm (h) x 1200mm (w)

2400mm (h) x 1200mm (w)

Example …

Privacy rating = P75% (75% Privacy)

Decorative Screens (Budget)

Metalworks provides a vast range of Decorative Screens for internal and external use;

•Wall ArtAll Decorative screens have folded sides

All screens/panels are 760mm (h) x 675mm (w)


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